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THIRD PRIZE - Best Shostakovich Performance


Currently I am the Chairperson for the Delaware Area Chapter of the highly competitive PIANO TEACHERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA*, which attracts the leading teachers and the most talented students in  New Jersey and beyond.  Winners of PTSA's competitions go on to perform in Carnegie Recital Hall. Over the years I have had many students win. I've also had  first, second, and third place winners in piano competitions sponsored by the GREAT COMPOSERS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS and also the MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION* in New Jersey. A few of my very talented and intelligent students have chosen to become professional musicians. Others became doctors or entered other professions. Of those who have gone into music professionally, one of them is now a music teacher in a New Jersey high school. Another, Gil Scott Chapman*, is just beginning a career. He was recently picked as one of eight semifinalists (the only American) at the Parmigiani Montreux Solo Piano Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland. Click his name on the "Interesting Stuff" page for his performance of some Gershwin with the University of Michigan Orchestra while he was a student there.  I am very happy to teach anyone who has a genuine interest and is willing to work to do their very best, whatever that may be. Music is a gift from God and is meant to be enjoyed by all.   I am now very pleased to be a member of the DELAWARE STATE MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION* (DSMTA), and some of my students have been invited to play on their Honors Recital.

2018 PTSA Carnegie Recital Hall Winners

Bottom Left to right: Megan Chen; Jeremy Zhang; Lumina Zhang

Top Left to right: Daphne Tanner; Matthew Ebron

All the above students were winners in the PIANO TEACHERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA Competition and as a result, performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in May 2018. Lumina received a special award because in the 38 years PTSA existed, she was the only person to win in 6 separate categories mastering a total of 10 pieces. 


Lumina Zhang:  FIRST PRIZE - The Music of America 

THIRD PRIZE - The Art of the Piano

Megan Chen:  THIRD PRIZE - Best Bartok Performance

Matthew Ebron:  SECOND PRIZE - The Music of Eastern Europe

SECOND PRIZE - Music of the 19th Century


Both Lumina Zhang and Matthew Ebron Performed on the DSMTA Honors Recital in June 2018.


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