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About me

Before college I spent seven years at the Juilliard School of Music, Preparatory Division, studying composition and theory. From the Eastman School of Music I received my Bachelor's degree in composition, with my instrument being the piano. My Master's of Music was given  by the University of Michigan, again with composition as my major. I then returned to Eastman for my PhD in composition.


Afterward I taught in a few colleges and universities. I gave up a tenure-track position at California State University, Long Beach, in order to return to New Jersey to get married. Since then I've taught as an adjunct professor at Kean University for about 14 years. I then decided to teach piano privately on a full-time basis because it was much more rewarding to me as a musician.


The music I've composed has been performed by the Chicago, Buffalo, and New Jersey symphony orchestras. My chamber music has been performed at  Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center,  in addition to many other places. Many of my pieces have won competitions and awards. I also have  experience writing music for film.


 I am looking forward to beginning a new life here in Delaware, teaching piano and/or composition and theory to new students from Delaware, northeast Maryland, and southeast Pennsylvania.  I believe that music is a gift from God. As an educator, my desire is to help students increase their enjoyment of music while developing their fullest potential.


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